Welcome to PsHeavenEdit

PSHeaven is a collaborative Playstation website that anyone can edit! This includes everything related to the Playstation series, including the most comprehensive catalog of games on the web. This includes everything from the Playstation or PSX, to the new PS3 with the move controller! We are out to document every game, controller, peripheral, and upcoming news having to do with the PS series. Let this be known as a haven for PS fans to discuss PS news, games, and history. My username (the operator of this Wiki and in-house PS2 expert) is Marcuspapetti93. Start posting right away and prove your activity editing and on the forums, and the most active and helpful will be given Admin positions!

Read this firstEdit

Before you do any editing, make sure to read the Forum Rules and Rules for Editing. For this wiki to be the best around we have to follow them, and you will be penalized for not following them, so make sure you are up to date. Today, please help edit the Rules for Editing! A LARGE part of it is copied and pasted from the FF Wiki, so it needs major editing, additions, and changes. THanks!

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